My RedMi 1S is heating how to minimize it?

I have Redmi 1S. It gets heated up when connected to internet and multi-tasking. It is clear that the issue was related to software that runs background all the time. So I made an attempt to install ROM to check whether the heating issue can be solved. Yes, we can, the fix is Mooke ROM (based on CynogenMod 11).

So here I am not going to give the guide to install since a friend of mine installed it in his phone. Here I will give the improvements seen after installing the ROM.

  • Display is so good.
  • Touch response is very smooth.
  • Sound quality was good not much high not much low.
  • Battery Backup 4hrs+ onscreen usage.
  • Camera its Google camera working good and best (i didn't try all modes in camera)
  • RAM: I can always see 450-500mb RAM free and after running decent amount of apps (4 to 6) 200-250 MB free ram.
  • You can use Rebooter app to get 500-580mb free RAM after bootup.


  • Games like Asphalt 8, Gangstar Vegas, Amazing Spiderman, Mc4 working without any lag.
  • CM11 themes and apps are working. 
  • Checked data working on both SIM 


  • While installing apps if we change it to save apps in external storage then app not installing.
  • Minor Bugs will be there


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