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Root without PC in Xiaomi Redmi 1S - Apps

Following apps can be used for rooting if you don't have PC: 1. Towel Root This app is compatible with phones running Android 4.4.3. I have only tested in my Xiaomi Redmi 1S. It will also work in popular phone models like Moto E, Moto G and Droid series. To install this app you need check the unknown sources in Settings -> Security. Then you can proceed with normal installation steps.

2. Framroot Framroot is similar to Towel Root. It is one-click rooting app. Installing this app will install SU binary app in your phone. You need check the unknown sources check box in Security Settings. Successful installation will palce the SU binary app in your phone. You can see a  app icon with Android photo.
3. Kingo Root This is similar to above apps. 
Don't use below apps for rooting  1. Z4Root
2. Universal Android Root
3. Root Master

Remember to turn on USB Debugging.

Windows 10 Settings after upgraded: Images

Below is the new Settings UI after upgraded to Windows 10 Technical Preview. I have taken screen shot of several options in the Settings.

Sound Recorder

Sound recorder in Windows 10

Now there is separate sound recorder app for Windows 10. Previously you need to use the sound recorder option of One Note. Below is the screen shot of sound recorder app.


Windows 10 clock app

This is the new clock app in Windows 10. It just look like Android clocks with Windows design.

Sound Recorder

Windows 10 calculator app

Below are the screen shot of Windows 10 calculator app.There are different modes introduced in the new calculator: Scientific, Standard, Programmer and Converter. This features are same as the calculator in Windows 7 desktop version.

Sound Recorder

Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones: Pros and Cons

*Features have been tested on a 512 mb ram Lumia 630 Dual Sim
PROS- Start screen refresh which is quite beautiful. Images can now be see behind translucent tiles. - A revamped notification and action center allowing the ability to manage more things easily. - Ability to reply to messages inline (even during any app or game) - Settings page is now a lot more cleaner. - Keyboard is a lot more intuitive, predictive typing, voice typing, and precision stick are quite awesome. - Calculator app is great. Can do several conversions. - File manager is quite a welcome feature. - Mail app has quite a small, unnoticeable but decent change related to the animations. - Photos app redesigned - Cortana Revamp. - Camera app redesign - 'Recently Installed' apps list at the top of the app list.
CONS - The OS itself has become slightly laggy. - Apps sometimes take a couple of seconds to open. - Data connection option not in action center anymore. - The 'back' button in navigation bar does…

How to rollback to WP 8.1 from Windows 10 technical preview?

Issue: Want to rollback to Windows Phone 8.1 from Windows 10 technical preview.

Solution: Download Lumia Software Recovery Tool and try to downgrade your system in latest official update the data should be charged is near about 1.5 GB.

Visit this page and then click on the Download and install Windows Phone Recovery Tool. I hope that you will get the solution for this question.

Any Other Way? If the software Windows Phone 8.1 option is not there and shows to reinstall windows 10 technical preview then,

Try to download the software from this site the application name is Windows Recovery Tool specially made for Recover windows 8.1 if the system is upgraded as windows 10

Now you can access internet for free without hacking

If you are Reliance customer then you no need to do hacking to access internet for free. Mark Zukerberg, CEO of Facebook was obsessed to provide free internet to the world. As an initiative Facebook tied up with Reliance to start this free internet service in India.

Only few websites are free Few websites from several categories are available for free. The popular websites includes Facebook, Bing Search, Times Job, and Wikipedia.  Find the list of free websites below.
TimesJobsBabajobWikipediawikiHowDictionary.comTranslatorReuters Market LiteJagran JoshFacts for Life (UNICEF)BabyCenter & MAMAGirl Effect (Nike Foundation)iLearn (UN Women)Malaria No MoreSocialbloodAP SpeaksBBC NewsTimes of IndiaIndia TodayNDTVBBC NewsIBNLiveAaj TakAmarujala.comDaily BhaskarMaalai MalarMaharashtra TimesJagranNewshuntManoramanews.comBingFacebookOLXAstroAccuWeatherCleartripDo I need Android Phone? This service is available in all phone which has 2G/3G internet connection and a browser. You need to visit …

Asphalt 8 is not working after flashing MIUI 6 in Redmi 1S

Issue: Today flashed latest update of MIUI 6... but now asphalt 8 is not working. Whenever i open it, it gets closed after showing a black screen. PLEASE HELP WHAT TO DO?

Solution: Wipe cache and dalvik cache Then flash the package from link that's it.

Signed_A.I.O BUILD 5

How to downgrade from KitKat to Jelly Bean in Redmi 1S?

Many users seems to be not satisfied with KitKat ROM for Xiaomi Redmi 1S. So there are queries related to downgrading from KitKat to Jelly Bean. The only solution you can do is flash MIUI V45 again.

I am one of the user who was not satisfied with Kitkat for Redmi 1S. So I tried to flash MIUI V45 by following normal procedure. I used CMW 5 for recovery, unfortunately it didn't work.

Work Around Use CMW Philz Recovery, then clean to install new ROM. Flash the ROM. Reboot your phone and now you will be downgraded to MIUI 45 aka Jelly Bean.