Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones: Pros and Cons

*Features have been tested on a 512 mb ram Lumia 630 Dual Sim


- Start screen refresh which is quite beautiful. Images can now be see behind translucent tiles.
- A revamped notification and action center allowing the ability to manage more things easily.
- Ability to reply to messages inline (even during any app or game)
- Settings page is now a lot more cleaner.
- Keyboard is a lot more intuitive, predictive typing, voice typing, and precision stick are quite awesome.
- Calculator app is great. Can do several conversions.
- File manager is quite a welcome feature.
- Mail app has quite a small, unnoticeable but decent change related to the animations.
- Photos app redesigned
- Cortana Revamp.
- Camera app redesign
- 'Recently Installed' apps list at the top of the app list.


- The OS itself has become slightly laggy.
- Apps sometimes take a couple of seconds to open.
- Data connection option not in action center anymore.
- The 'back' button in navigation bar doesn't seem to work on start screen and app screen.

I'm sure all these cons will be fixed in future updates. Not satisfied with update then rollback here

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