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Can't play MKV 1080p file in my Blackberry Z3

Issue: I can't play MKV 1080p file in my BlackBerry Z3. Showing not supported. Is there anyway to play in my phone?

Solution: In latest OS version 10.3 few mkv files on my device that play properly on my device. It seems the 1080p would have difficulty playing using default video player. Nutty Player from BB World does better job than the default player.

Or install Android version of VLC medial player. It works great.

How to login Clash of Clans in BlackBerry Z3?

We can save the game progress if we login using Google Play services. Here I have provided some APK's (application) which should be installed in your Blackberry to login into COC (clash of clans).

Download and install: 1. APK GOOGLE ACCOUNT MANAGER:
3. Apk Google Settings:
4. Apk Google play games:
5. Clash of clans new version: (January 27, 2016)

After all the install, open the Blackberry Google Id and sign in with your google account email.
Open Clash of Clans and SIGN IN


How to use pinning in ZenFone 5?

Question: Do anyone know how to use pinning in ZenFone 5?. I tried many time but always end up with restarting my phone.

Solution: To unpin, touch and hold back button and task switcher button simultaneously for two seconds.

Dealing angry person over the phone

Sometimes we're placed in the situation where the other person is angry or they're out of control.This is typically going to be the case when we're doing customer support or some kind of telephone support. But it might happen when we're on a call with a peer, a boss, a college, a subordinate, someone we're working on a project with or maybe even an internal customer.

What do we do when we have a phone call with somebody who's just out of control? The first question I have is, do you have to take it? Do you have to take the call or do you have to take the abuse?

Either way I have to know if you want to manage that conversation right then. If you do, I invite you to see past the emotion and try and figure out what the purpose of call is. Some people are very good at calming other people down. I'm not one of those people. I tend to get riled up when the other person is riled up.

I get defensive. If you get defensive, I invite you to look past that emotion, all…

Blackberry Z3 00-15 error solution

Problem: My device software problem for BB10 00-15 error. How to solve this problem?

Open Blackberry Link in your PC. You can download this software from Blackberry website.Poweroff your Blackberry Z3.Connect your device via USB cable.Under device heading click on the device name when it is displayed.Click preference at the top rightA new window appear, on the left side of Window click Reload device software. Click reload buttonClick ok to confirm.The next step will update the software to your phone. Don't disconnect until the progress bar is full.

Has anyone tried gravoila?

Gravoila or soursop or mul seethapalam are claimed to cure cancer. But the sources of this information are not so promising. I got to know about this fruit from Facebook which is scam most of the time. I searched for research article about this and they tell there is no evidence that it cure cancer.

In Ebay one seller is selling one fruit for Rs.99 which is not cheap (we can buy atleast 5 apples for this price).

Has anyone tried this fruit and yielded the effect?