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Zenmotion for Asus Zenfone 4/5/6

This article is about installing Zenmotion in 1st gen Zenfone 4/5/6 (rooted phones). ROOT IS NECESSARY.

Download the files in the links : 1)Zenmotion xml file :
2)Root Explorer :

Steps: 1) Install Root Explorer and open it .
2) In root explorer copy the file "asus.hardware.touchgesture.double_tap.xml" (the first file that u downloaded from mediafire) to the directory "system/etc/permission/"
3) Hold on the file and select permissions as shown in the image
5) DONE !

NOTE : Double tap can be used to lock your screen when you are on the main screen and when you are on the lock screen just before you swipe to unlock your phone . CNT BE USED TO UNLOCK YOUR ZENFONE(double tap to wake up requires hardware) .
you can switch it on/off in Settings>ZenMotion

How to leave a Whatsapp group without notification?

Have you been added to Whatsapp group where you don't want to be? Then, there is third party app named GroupXit 2.0 but is available only for Android platform. This app will allow you to exit from a group without leaving notification to group members/admin. This is neat and polite.

GroupXit- now an app to move out of Whatsapp group without anyone getting to know. An app that frees us from stupid “Hey guys look at this picture” group chats and annoying “send this to 20 people if you love your mother” forwards.

Blackberry Z3 got new OS update 10.3.2

Updated my Blackberry Z3 to 10.3.2. Screenshot below:

There is no difference in appearance. I didn't realize any variation from previous version. Visibly it looks same. Below link, mentions the pointers of changes implemented with this update.

When I try to update it shows thay free up additional 401 MB to do the update even after erasing all data from the phone. So I used BlackBerry Link software on laptop/PC. Many users faced similar issue while updating Z3 when 10.3.2 arrived before few months, it's a little pain that Z3 users suffer due to just 8GB internal memory. I tried Blackberry link from my pc it reaches at 7% and say's network error even if i have high speed internet. In that case try after sometime with Link.

How to install play store on blackberry Z3?

You can get Play Store by just installing the below three apps in the given order. Your mobile should be updated to Blackberry 10.3.

Google account manager 4.3.3Blackberry Google ID 2.8Google Play Store 6.0.0 build 1
After installing above app, first configure Google account in your phone. Then register your device with Google Play using Blackberry Google ID. You can run the Play Store.

Extras:Google Play Services 8.4.89 build 3
Google Play Games 3.5.17 

I found a tutorial in Crackberry.

You can also install MOBOGENIE. You can download apk of this app by searching in Google, after that you install this app in your blackberry Z3. This app similar to Play store with no cost.

Game of thrones game installer for Windows

I got a Game of thrones game installer developed by Jack Fraser.

Jack says "its essentially a turn based strategy game, a mashup of Risk and Game of Thrones - the game has a pretty damn competent AI and some rather nice hand-drawn graphics:" Below is the screenshot.

Download link -

The above dropbox link contains exe file and setting up online server.