Blackberry Z3 got new OS update 10.3.2

Updated my Blackberry Z3 to 10.3.2. Screenshot below:

There is no difference in appearance. I didn't realize any variation from previous version. Visibly it looks same. Below link, mentions the pointers of changes implemented with this update.

When I try to update it shows thay free up additional 401 MB to do the update even after erasing all data from the phone. So I used BlackBerry Link software on laptop/PC. Many users faced similar issue while updating Z3 when 10.3.2 arrived before few months, it's a little pain that Z3 users suffer due to just 8GB internal memory. I tried Blackberry link from my pc it reaches at 7% and say's network error even if i have high speed internet. In that case try after sometime with Link.

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