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Time problem in LG G watch after updated to 5.0.1 Android version

Problem I use my LG G watch with Nexus 5. It worked fine without any issues. Issue started after I updated my watch to Android 5.0.1. The issue was my watch time is one hour less of my phone. For example, If the time in my phone is 6:00 AM then my watch shows 5:00 AM.
Solution I solved the issue by following below step.
Re-install Android Wear, reset your LG G watch, reconnect using Bluetooth, then reconnect again using Android Wear. After doing this my problem get solved.
The Android KitKat (phone's OS) will connect directly via Android Wear, now you first have to connect using Bluetooth or it will not be detected.
After reset the watch, how do I connect it using Bluetooth without pairing via Android Wear first? Open Setting -> Blutooth -> Search Device -> Pair your LG G watch

How to stop company pop up messages in Moto E?

Problem: Moto E is showing up pop up messages with title as Dive in if you use DoCoMo or with some other title for other service provider. You may get something like below image.

Solution: This pop-up message appears when the flash message is turned on. You can turn it off from SIM tool kit. You will find SIM tool kit which is SIM card icon in App drawer. Launch the SIM card icon app and there you will find flash message. Click on Activate and followed by deactivate. 
Several users reported that they are not able to deactivate. Try to find out flash message and deactivate it. It should look something like below image. 

BlackBerry Z3 has better e-mail and browser than Android

I have been using BlackBerry Z3 for past one month. Before purchasing this phone I had second thought. This is the only mobile BlackBerry launched officially for affordable price. I haven't used any BlackBerry device before and I was planning to get one in recent years. I suddenly decided lets try BlackBerry this time after using several Android devices and one Windows phone. Below is my experience.

No need for Social networking, E-mail and Chat apps: Within few days I learn there is no need for apps related to communication. BlackBerry has it own app named as 'Hub' where you can see all you chats, email, calls, tweets, feeds etc. Hub is not an app but it is part of OS. Like home screen in Android this Hub will be always present. It is simple and straightforward and you no need to of manual to get used to it.

The Hub is always ON and you no need to launch it separately. Once you connect to internet you will be automatically receiving all your messages there. Only limitatio…

How to install Play Store in Xiaomi Redmi 1S if deleted accidently?

Issue: While cleaning up space in my mobile I accidentally uninstalled the Play Store in Xiaomi Redmi 1S. So how to restore it?
Solution: You cannot simply download Play Store apk and install i to work. You need to flash the GAPPS (Google Apps). You can download it from below link.
Link -
Open the link in new tab to download. It will download ZIP file.
Steps to flash GappsDownload the ZIP file and place it in your memory card.Reboot to recovery mode. Press Volume + and power button same time to reboot to recovery mode. There you will find install ZIP file from SDcard option. Clicking on it will show the gapps ZIP file. You can navigate in the screen volume+ and volume- and power button to OK. Press power button on the ZIP file to install Play Store.Warning: Only follow the steps if you are familiar with flashing ROM. It may lead to brick your phone. The steps are easy but I advice to take you proper backup and install CWM recovery.

How to remove lock symbol in recent apps Xiaomi RedMi 1S?

Issue: When trying to clear RAM space in Redmi 1S there are times you will see lock symbol in the app. It looks like below image.

Here you can see there is lock symbol in my Camera app.

Solution: Lock symbol denotes that it will not be cleared when tapping the clear button (the brush icon). To remove the lock symbol just swipe down the app. In my case I will just swipe down the camera app to remove the lock symbol.

Can't install music app error code 80070127 in Windows Phone- Solution

Can't install music app, it downloads fully but while installation it says error. Below is screenshot of the error

There are few solutions I found in forums. The sucess rate for all these solution is very less. I followed the below solution to get rid of this issue.

Try this:
I set my data sense to unlimited and it did the magic. Then I was able to install the Music app.

Or this:
I found this in Microsoft forum. Unpin all the Music tiles from start screen and kids corner. Some users reported that after following this they are able to fix the issue. I didn't worked for me.

If you have any working solution feel free to share.