Time problem in LG G watch after updated to 5.0.1 Android version


I use my LG G watch with Nexus 5. It worked fine without any issues. Issue started after I updated my watch to Android 5.0.1. The issue was my watch time is one hour less of my phone. For example, If the time in my phone is 6:00 AM then my watch shows 5:00 AM.


I solved the issue by following below step.

Re-install Android Wear, reset your LG G watch, reconnect using Bluetooth, then reconnect again using Android Wear. After doing this my problem get solved.

The Android KitKat (phone's OS) will connect directly via Android Wear, now you first have to connect using Bluetooth or it will not be detected.

After reset the watch, how do I connect it using Bluetooth without pairing via Android Wear first?

Open Setting -> Blutooth -> Search Device -> Pair your LG G watch

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