BlackBerry Z3 has better e-mail and browser than Android

I have been using BlackBerry Z3 for past one month. Before purchasing this phone I had second thought. This is the only mobile BlackBerry launched officially for affordable price. I haven't used any BlackBerry device before and I was planning to get one in recent years. I suddenly decided lets try BlackBerry this time after using several Android devices and one Windows phone. Below is my experience.

No need for Social networking, E-mail and Chat apps:

Within few days I learn there is no need for apps related to communication. BlackBerry has it own app named as 'Hub' where you can see all you chats, email, calls, tweets, feeds etc. Hub is not an app but it is part of OS. Like home screen in Android this Hub will be always present. It is simple and straightforward and you no need to of manual to get used to it.

The Hub is always ON and you no need to launch it separately. Once you connect to internet you will be automatically receiving all your messages there. Only limitation in Hub is you cannot integrate all apps with it. Only selected and popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter is integrated.

 The Hub automatically formats the text in single column view and there is no need of zoom in and zoom out. In Android I face this difficulty in Email app. The Email synchronization is very slow in Android plus you need to zoom in and zoom out to view the message which is annoying particularly in small screen phone.


The BlackBerry browser supports Flash and you can play any online videos. Google recently stopped flash player support in Chrome browser for Android.  I was not able to watch TV series from several websites using my mobile. Google Chrome is my favorite browser in desktop but not in mobile. I didn't feel good browsing experience in Google Chrome for Android. Opera Mini was my favorite browser in Android since it consumes less RAM as well as good page loading speed.

BlackBerry browser has very good features like reading mode which I like most. After webpage gets loaded you can choose reading mode from menu which will shows you a e-book kind of interface. It works well for reading news and article.

APK support - Best move by BlackBerry

APK is the extension used in Android app and those files can be installed in BlackBerry. I would say it is best move BlackBerry. Running Android app in BlackBerry is smooth than running in mid-end Android device. I was surprised by the app performance in BlackBerry. You won't feel any sluggish. It take few seconds (10 - 20 seconds) to launch but once launched it works fine.

Missing Google Now

Only field BlackBerry should improve is their voice integration. Google Now will convert your voice to text on the go. But BlackBerry Voice control is not up to the mark it takes lot of time to recognize. I am using BlackBerry 10.2.X OS. It seems there is new version voice control in 10.3.X OS. BlackBerry need to improve their voice control or integrate Google Now voice control with their browser at least.


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