Will installing CM 11 in Redmi 1S reduce heat and RAM problem?

I flashed my Redmi 1S with Cyanogenmod 11 aka CM11. Here are screenshots of CM 11 running in Redmi 1S from which you can see the improvements.

Android KitKat:

From the below image you can see the Android version as 4.4.4. It is nothing but Android Kitkat. Model number is shown as HM which is another name of Redmi (Hongami). This phone is know as Hongami in China. As it runs Android KitKat you can experience the same smoothness of Android KitKat. The UI is fluid smooth and I can see improvements in battery backup. Before I was able to maintain 6 hrs backup with continuous usage (Wi-Fi + Videos Playback) which is now raised to 8 and half hours. 

RAM improvement:

Rooted version of MIUI (old version) will maintain 323 MB free RAM space without running any apps. The below image shows it is improved to 493 MB which is nearly 200 MB extra free RAM space. 

Default RAM is used by system apps and system related services. Here CM 11 uses 381 MB which seems to be reasonable.  

Improvements in heating issue:

My phone usually gets heated when I watch videos using MX Player. Which I checked in the previous version the temperature was 42 to 48 degree Celsius. From the below image you can see that it is 36.3 degree Celsius. It is way too improvement. Even this 36.3 degree C is recorded while I was watching video in MX player. 
You can flash this ROM if you really feel frustrated with heating and lagging issues. You can find the instructions to flash the ROM is XDA-Developer.


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