Xiaomi Mi Band features and compatibility

Mi Band:
  • Price - Rs.999
  • Release date - April 2015
  • Pros - Waterproof,  affordable price, compatible with iOS and Android
  • Cons - Mi Fit app needs more improvement

 Mi Band - Is it a watch?

When I opened the Mi Band box, I thought it will be a watch. But there was only a rubber strap and dongle. The dongle is the actual device and doesn't have any display. The dongle's chip features accelerometer and Bluetooth. The strap will hold this dongle. There are several colors and designs in straps, I got the black one. The dongle part of Mi Band has three lights to indicate goal.

Mi Band app

Mi Fit app
To use this band you need to download Mi Fit app. All the data collected by Mi Band can be seen in the Mi Fit app. Without this app the band is not complete. So make sure you have Mi Band compatible smartphone. The idea of this app is your phone will act as a display for Mi Band. Actually it is great idea which makes Mi Band cheaper and affordable. Mi Fit app is available for Android and iOS.

Mi Band is not a smart watch but a fitness band

The main Mi Band feature is to track the steps taken by you and your sleep activities. The app has features like jumping rope and sit ups. You can also set alarm in Mi Band. The Mi Band vibrates at the time you set on Mi Fit app. You cannot set ringtones to Mi Band which we usually do for mobile phone. If you set alarm you need to wear the Mi Band to wake you up. In alarm, you have early bird feature which wakes you one hour before the time you set in Mi Fit.

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