Custom back cover for Yu Yureka

I got two  beautiful custom back cover design for Yu Yureka from a social networking site. One user claims he sketched the black back cover with white strips and other user just created a photoshop prototype of back cover. Below is the image of two back cover.

Yu Yureka Black and White Back Cover

The above back cover is actually a full black cover and the user has drawn the white strips. It looks beautiful and reminds me zebra.

Yu Yureka back cover prototype

The above image is not a physical cover but a design made in photoshop. The user who created this back cover design is Rahul. Rahul works in bike sticker shop and he is actively working on this design to make it physical. It seems he almost completed the base design, the black texture. All that is left is to design the CYANOGEN text art and print the sticker.

Isn't it cool?

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