Battery backup problem in greenipop ROM solution

Solution who all r facing battery backup problem in greenipop ROM. I'm not telling it will increase your backup incredibly..

Phone I tried - Micromax Canvas 2.2 A114

Method 1: (if u have a cwm mode).

1) Make sure your charging is 100%.
2) Reboot into recovery by pressing and holding vol up + vol down and power button at the same time.
3) Select recovery mode.
4) Now after you in CWM recovery goto advanced>delete battery stats.
5) Switch on your phone and use your phone till auto switch off.
6) Now charge your phone in switch off mode for 10-11 hrs without interruption.
7) After that switch on your phone and use it till 1% u will feel some increased backup.
8) Now charge again for 9-10 hrs in switch on mode without interruption. ( make your phone in airplane mode).
9) After that use your phone till 10-11% battery after that charge it for 1 hr.
10) Use as normal u will feel increased battery backup.

Method 2: ( who don't have cwm mode).

1) Make sure ur charging is 100%.
2) Then goto /data>system>delete batterystats.bin.
3) Reboot once.
4) Now follow step 5 to step 10 as given in method 1.

This method will work in any ROM and in any device!I!

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