Extort business in God Father tips - Negotiate faster

Your first mission in God Father is Extort Business. Sometimes you may die before negotiating. I found one tip which will be useful to extort business faster.


In the above image I have circled two persons, who will attack you while negotiating. Before entering the shop kill them using car. So while negotiating no one will attack you. Very rarely one guy will come to attack you. 

If you don't kill them they will circle you and attack. Chance for more for get yourself iced. Those guys with come up with guns and you can't handle two at a time. Even if you manage to handle, it will take lot of time to kill them. 

Negotiate more money

While extorting the shop owner, don't hit. Just grab and shake him. You can see the panic meter increase. Below is the controls you need to use to negotiate more money.

To focus - press right mouse button
To grab - press left mouse button

Then shake the mouse vigorously which in turn shake the shop keeper. In the panic meter you can see the money increases.

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