Nokia Lumia 520 VS Nokia Lumia 630 - Performance & Battery Comparison

I Used Lumia 630 for 4 days

I am using my new Nokia Lumia 630 for past four days. I compared the specification of L520 and L630 and was not impressed. But I was proved wrong. There are many improvements in Lumia 630 which can be felt only by using it. I complaint myself about 512 MB RAM in this mobile but after using I felt it is really enough. I choose this mobile as it can accommodate two SIM.

New processor purely optimized for Windows 8.1

Nokia Lumia 630 runs Windows 8.1 out of the box. Some tweaks have been done and shortcuts like Android for Wi-FI, Bluetooth etc has been added. The new processor in Snapdragon series (Snapdragon 400) has been used in this phone. It has four cores which will improve battery performance and reduce phone heating up. The performance is up to the expectation, I won't say it is very fast but is good for the price I paid.

Nokia Lumia 520 has Snapdragon S4 processor which has been launched way back. It is dual core processor and so you might have faced phone heating up surrounding the camera. I tried Windows 8.1 developer preview in L520, but it came with lot of issues. These issues were not there in new Lumia 630.

Big battery long talk time

Battery is bigger than Lumia 520's. It is obviously needed to handle dual SIM. I was surprised  by battery backup. The new processor played a major role in battery improvements. The Lumia 630 is able to give 13 hours of talk time while Lumia 520 give 10 hours of talk time. Remembering the dual SIM fact, Lumia 630 wins.

Some improvements in display

Display size is tweaked in Lumia 630. I think it may be related to some optimization. I can't feel the difference with my bare eyes. Improvement that I can really feel is the new layer added to the phone the Gorilla Glass 3. This layer will helps a lot to reduce scratch. Even Lumia 520 uses scratch-resistant glass but it is upto some extent.

What features are missed

Physical button for camera is not available in Lumia 630. I would say it is a nice move. I will drop my phone every time I try to press the camera key. However Nokia removed the key because they added shortcut key for camera in quick launch.


It is obvious that Lumia 630 wins and don't forget the fact it is the successor of Lumia 520. The Lumia 520 is the basement for all budget Windows Phone. With dual SIM, little extra price and many optimization in hardware and software side, Lumia 630 is obvious winner. If you are out of cash and Lumia 520 fits your budget don't hesitate to choose that.

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