Micromax Windows VS Nokia Windows - Which you will buy?

It is clear that the first phone to compete Nokia Windows is Micromax Windows. Micromax came up with two Windows 8.1 phone with very low price and high specs. They were priced at Rs.6500 and Rs.9500, a low end and a high end respectively. Micromax presence in Windows platform filled the low configuration gap. Users complaint about Windows phone has only 512 MB RAM but for the same price I can buy 1 GB RAM in Android. Such things were discussed a lot and Micromax made a full stop to it.

Micromax - A high specification Windows Phone

People looking for Windows Phone with good specification for low price then obviously it's for you. What I mean good specification is the 1 GB RAM for Rs.6500. This is a big threat to Android phone in this price range. I feel people may move to Micromax instead of Moto E. I wonder whether Micromax has Nokia specific apps like Nokia Here Map, Nokia Drive, Nokia Camera etc.

Nokia - A high quality Windows Phone

We have already experience Nokia Windows Phone. If you have not experienced let me tell you it is a wonderful phone. Only after Lumia Windows launch color panels were introduced in iPhone 5C. Now almost all platforms were implementing color in their phone. We can't deny the fact it has very good build quality even in low end device. In all Nokia Lumia they provide scratch protective screen and Nokia specific apps.


Comparing Micromax Windows with Nokia Windows, I find Nokia is pretty expensive. Micromax doesn't have scratch resistant but it doesn't mean entire quality is compromised. If you ask me which phone is looking good I will easily say its Nokia but if you ask which is best, both are best at their price.

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