Which is the latest Nokia Lumia model?

Several Lumia phones has been launched. Users were not given with details about the latest  model. In online shopping sites I have seen still they are selling Lumia Windows 7 models. They look like latest Lumia handset but they are not. People end up purchasing the old handset and regret  for it. I have given here the latest handset with their release date.

Why should I care about it

Latest phone comes with high configuration and new software. If you use old phone you may lose updates and software support. Microsoft entered mobile market with WP 7.5 which was released on 2012, February, after few month Windows Phone 8 came into picture at 2012, September. Now there is no apps or support for this WP 7.5 phones. If you look it clearly it just a matter of 7 months everything has changed. Especially in mobile market new upgrades can be seen in every quarter of the year.

Nokia Lumia family and their release date

Phone Announced Date
Nokia Lumia 930 2014, April
Nokia Lumia 635 2014, April
Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM 2014, April
Nokia Lumia 630 2014, April
Nokia Lumia Icon 2014, February
Nokia Lumia 525 2013, November
Nokia Lumia 1520 2013, October
Nokia Lumia 1320 2013, October
Nokia Lumia 2520 2013, October
Nokia Lumia 625 2013, July
Nokia Lumia 1020 2013, July
Nokia Lumia 925 2013, May
Nokia Lumia 928 2013, April
Nokia Lumia 720 2013, February
Nokia Lumia 520 2013, February
Nokia Lumia 620 2012, December

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