Moto E loose back panel. How to ask Flipkart for new panel? -Sample request

If you got Moto E with loose back panel then don't worry, just send a request to Flipkart. You can also call Flipkart but they will again tell you to send a request through website. So to raise a request follow below steps.

1. Login to the Flipkart account in which you bought your Moto E.
2. Then click on your order.
3. Then click on the contact us option just next to your order.
4. Then click on the fault you have and ask for live chat and then tell them your problem .

After your conversation gets completed, they will send your new panel within 5 working days.

You can also send an email to the customer care. Below is the email sent by my friend and he received his response mail. If Flipkart associate didn't pick up your Live chat then you can go, send email to the Flipkart customer care regarding your loose back panel.

This problem is there for many users which I came to know after discussing to my friend working in a mobile shop. So there is no need to panic, you will get your new panel with no issues.

Wondering what apps to install in your new Moto E, check this article.

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