Simple Present, Simple Past and Past Participle list

This was home work to my sister daughter studying 1st grade. I thought adding -ed will make past tense but I was wrong. There is a thing called irregular verbs in grammar. It means you should not add -ed to end of verb to make it past tense. So see the list there are many irregular verb as well as regular verb. Don't worry I made this list after referring to a good grammar book. Below is the list.

Simple Present Past Tense Past Participle
deliver delivered delivered
hang hung hung
know knew known
sit sat sat
quit quit quit
forget forgot forgotten
swim swam swum
give gave given
append appended appended
email emailed emailed
share shared shared
jump jumped jumped
ring rang rung
awake awoke awoken
try tried tried
listen listened listened
spit spat spat
scold scolded scolded
deal dealt dealt
dream dreamt dreamt
feel felt felt
bend bent bent
cut cut cut
brust brust brust
make made made
walk walked walked
be been having been
build built built
blow blew blown
do did done
drive drove driven
choose chose chosen
draw drew drawn
drink drank drunk
shut shut shut
fly flew flown
eat ate eaten
fall fell fallen
become became become
bite bit bitten

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