Try this Android launcher by Nokia - Nokia Z launcher apk download

Nokia Z launcher - This is the new launcher by Nokia for Android. I think this laucher is developed for their Nokia smart phones running Android. Whatever it may be, if you have Android device running Kitkat version then you can check out it. I tried this launcher in my mobile running Kitkat version and so I am not sure about other version.

Nokia Z launcher APK file -

What is new

The above is the home screen of this launcher. You will be able to see the six apps which is my frequently used apps. Whatever app you use frequently gets populated in the home screen. Say you are frequent Whatsapp user, then it will appear in the home screen first followed by the next frequently used app.

The above image is the view after clicking on application icon. All your apps will be populated in alphabetical order. It is just like the one you see in Windows Phone 8.1. It is really easy if you remember the app name. It is fully customized home screen, you won't be able to customize like you do in stock Android theme. 

Search apps with gesture

In above image you can see I have drawn the letter C. After doing so, it will so all the apps starting with letter C. You can even type a word like 'Football World Cup 2014' and click over it to search on Google.

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