How to receive SMS in laptop using SIM without phone?

I really need a device to receive SMS and that can be viewed in my laptop. So I thought of a device which should be a USB device and it should have a slot to insert SIM. If I plug this USB device to my laptop I should receive SMS. Below is the idea that I hold in my brain.

Google search results came up with a dumb device SIM CARD READER. This device rode me crazy. This dumb device can hold SIM card but it has no antenna to recieve any form of signals. I was decieved by the CD driver they gave along with the device. Its work is to read contacts and already present SMS. To do this we need to install software.

I didn't gave up my search. I found another solution for this problem. It is Mobvirto.

Solution - Mobvirto

It is really a good technology to solve this multiple SIM issue. It is actually a cloud software. You can configure your SIM number in the cloud and you will recieve all your SMS and calls through cloud. All you need is a client software to recieve those SMS and calls. So it is what it look like

To readers

If you do have other idea or you know about the device that I am trying to have comment it below. To solve this multiple SIM problem I am purchasing mobile again and again. So my search is to make SIM replacement convinient and plug in whenever necessary.

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