Interesting features in OnePlus one phone - inbuilt screencast, themes and much more

OnePlus One features

OnePlus One is a newly launched smartphone running Cyanogenmod OS. I was using this phone for a month and found several features inbuilt were interesting. So let me share some of the feature that you can't get in other Android phone by default.

Screen cast records your phone screen as video

OnePlus one has got inbuilt screen cast app. With screen cast app you can video capture your phone. Many users were dying to get this app. I spent almost 2 days to get this app in my Samsung Galaxy S3. Get this app is not a easy task. You need to root your phone first, it is a long process. Screen cast is awesome with no tricky configurations. Just you need to tap on start screen cast button to video capture your phone. You can stop the screen recording from the notification bar.

Has Theme Showcase used to change font, icons and even boot logo

This is really an awesome feature to customize the phone look. Generally a theme is a whole package when applied your mobile looks in the way the theme has. But here you can apply theme to each feature. For example you can use Windows font, iOS icon and your customized boot logo - all at once. I haven't seen such a thing before. Now I am spending almost all my time changing the look.

Add soft buttons and make it look like Android Gingerbread

In latest version of Android you have got only three soft button - back, home and task. You can add soft button like search which you have in old Android version. I appreciate this feature because I use the phone most of the time to browse internet.

You can get all this feature only if you manage to install custom ROM. Each ROM have their specialty. I doubt you can get all the feature in single ROM.

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