Drawbacks of Google glass - Need improvements

Google glass drawbacks - We have to accept that Google glass is a revolutionary product that lift technology to the future. Google glass is a new concept where mobile computing is integrated in a glass. I think this glass may be inspired from Iron Man fantasy movie. But users feel disappointed when it is not up to the expectation. Below are the drawbacks of Google glass registered by most of the user.

1. Battery life is the first disappointing thing in Google glass. Users tweeted and shared that their battery can withstand only for 3 - 4 hours.

2. Google glass distract you and you can't concentrate over the neighbor people. You can't walk in the street by wearing this.

3. The display is not clearly visible under sunlight.

4. You can't change the settings as you like. You have no option to turn off Bluetooth and wi-first. You can't adjust the volume of the Google glass.

5. Voice aid system is worst and sometimes it understand wrongly. Luckily you have touch panel on the side of the glass to operate.

6. You can't insert a SIM in Google glass and so you should carry a mobile with you.

7. Sending e-mail is turf since you have to feed the input through voice. If you make a single mistake after completing your mistake you should clear all text and speak once again.

All feel that for the price $1500(Rs.75,000)  its worthless. Many expect more easily accessible feature. Can have decent app compatible with this kind of device.

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