Do WeChat really dominate WhatsApp?

WhatsApp vs WeChat - I am sure that WeChat can't dominate. Both of them are different in their usage. WeChat remembers me Skype. I accept WeChat has some intresting feature but I think  they won't be too interesting for more than a week. Most of them won't prefer video chat or voice chat because it interrupts your work. WeChat is bigger software when compared to WhatsApp. Bigger software always cause trouble that too in low configuration mobile. For instance WeChat is available for Nokia S40 series mobile, but it won't be as reliable like WhatsApp. I am not supporting WhatsApp, I am trying to clear that software reliable is the reason that makes us to choose WhatsApp over the software like Viber, Nimbuzz and eBuddy.

WeChat is for fun, WhatsApp is an Utility:
WeChat offers you to connect with strangers with different interesting method. But those kind of apps won't sustain for many years. Once Yahoo have the same feature in Yahoo messenger and now no-one care about it. Talking with strangers is now out of fashion. Surely WeChat will make you fun for a week but after that it won't.

WhatsApp is just a substitute to SMS. Now it has became an essential app for messaging service. It doesn't has any options like connecting with strangers and so you contacts will be filled only with known authorized persons. People who installed WhatsApp in their device will find pretty hard to move over WeChat.

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