List of date predicted as Doomsday by several communities

Doomsday Predictions: As time goes on, more and more people's minds have doubts: 2012 end of the world is  it really? This kind of messages were circulated before 2012 it seems. Many dates were marked as doomsday with some rumors.

  Religious prophecy with the myth of the end of the world, mainly refers to the end of civilization on Earth. But the so-called doomsday in science, it is the collapse of the system of the universe or the demise of the human society

2800 BC: Assyrian mud monument describes the end of the world, and is the oldest human doomsday prophecy. The inscription reads: "Earth in the future will decline. Every indication that the world will quickly doomed. Bribery and corruption is quite common." In fact, no matter in what place, two over the age of 30 years old get together I'm afraid we will hear similar alarmist.

1st century AD: "Matthew" an interesting quote from Jesus: "I am honest to say to you, there is something standing should not have to experience the taste of death, till they see from the Kingdom 'Son'. "This clearly revealing the kind of information: Armageddon will occur any time in life. "Revelation" is also boldly predicted the date of an upcoming day of judgment: "Oh, I will soon come, I repay everyone I rewarded according to his work." These remarks are 2000 Christian Millennium source of religious worship over the years, we will be in the following continue to see evidence in this regard.

2nd century AD: Meng his efforts to teach (Montanists) may be the first to believe in the cult of the "end of the world" universally recognized. Taught by Meng he Yunus (Montanus) created around AD 155. His followers believe that Jesus Christ is about to return to earth, to establish a base in Anatolia, central Turkey, where they wait for the arrival of doomsday. Meng he Yunus is a religious leaders has great appeal, with multilingual speech to followers, but all of his prophecy to finally dashed.

March 25, 970 AD: Luo Talin dynasty (Lotharingian) operator disabilities who believe they have the evidence found in the Bible: the related words of a religious festival to herald the end of the world. They just spread the doomsday rhetoric countless believers part in the eve of the first millennium. Sheng Bonuo monastery, a monk to their king wrote a letter to complain about the Luo Talin practice: "Since the Annunciation section pointing to the Good Friday the rumors almost throughout every corner of the earth, there is no doubt, this may The end of the world. "ominous day in the past, people panic on the Millennium lasted for at least 30 years.

1284 AD: Pope Innocent III predicted Jesus Christ in this year will once again come alive. He predicted the date based on the date of the Muslim faith, and then on the basis of the date of plus 666 years.

Botticelli's "mysterious birth": "the mystery of the birth of the painting from the hands of the Italian early Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli (SandroBotticelli), now housed in the National Gallery in London. Botticelli painting on Greek inscriptions, the early 16th century, a period called before the end of the world, that is, the so-called "Misery Day" and predicted that Christ's Second Coming will be about 1504 died.

February 1, 1524: a group of British astrologer predicted that mankind will usher in a second "Great Flood" in this year, the source of the disaster on the Thames. This prediction so many people to panic, there are about 2 million people to abandon their homes fled height, but last all Baipaoyitang the. It is interesting to make such a mistake is not just British astrologer, German astrologer Johannes Stewart of Forde (JohannesStoeffler) also make similar predictions for the same month.

AD 1648: After careful study of Jewish mystical doctrine, the Turkish rabbi Shaba Di Savi (SabbataiZevi) predicted that the Messiah (Jews are looking for a savior) will be the 1648 Adventist earth, his name is called Shaba Di · Savi. 1648 has long become a thing of the past, but Javier said the disaster did not occur.

AD 1666: This year there have been too many signs herald the end of the world. As the year included 3 "6", some people put it in the Bible, Revelation beast number 666 "linked to the long-raging plague aggravated the fears of the people. Faced with these so-called harbinger of many increasingly believe, occurred in a harbinger of the Great Fire of London in the year, so that is the last day of judgment.

In the year 1794: Charles Wesley, founder of the United States to the United States will (CharlesWesley) believe that the world will be in this year to destroy. Coincidentally, the Shakers also predicted that this year will be the so-called "final judgment".

December 25, 1814 AD: Devon in the UK, a man named "Joanna South Court (JoannaSouthcott), a woman claiming to be a prophet, and asserted that their future conceived child is Jesus; savior will draw on her body in the 1814 Christmas day again upon us. Ironically, the South Court virginity maintained until over 60 years old, but she still believe that the prophecy will become a reality.

December 25 ultimately did not become the end of the world, but it does have a significant and tragic things happen - claiming to be a prophet of South Court It is on this day that leave behind. Interestingly, many people still believe her prophecies. In 1927, it was the presence of the Bishop of Grantham open a mysterious sealed box, said that hidden inside South Court left an important message. After the box is open, and did not find important information, it touches found a lottery.

AD 1836: Charles is Methodist leader John Wesley (JohnWesley) brother. Brother's prophecy has proved to be wrong, but John decided to "personal battle" and predicted that 1836 is the end of the world, the big monster described in "Revelation" will appear in this year. Unfortunately, John eventually step brother footsteps.

August 7, 1847: Germany, there have been a small cult named "Harmonists" Now a lot of people have already been forgotten. Its leader, George Rapp (GeorgeRapp) believe that Jesus will return to this world before he died. Until the last moment of life, Rapp have never wavered in that belief. But the fact is, his predictions are wrong.

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