BlackBerry Z10 is the first mobile to run BB 10

BlackBerry Z10: It was quoted in U.S. technology news site like GSMArena and CNET reported that the name of the next generation of BlackBerry smartphones is RIM BlackBerry the Z10 (BlackBerry Z10) This was fetched from anonymous sources.

It is reported that, in addition to the product name, the source also provides BlackBerry Z10 product publicity material images. The rumors also revealed that the next generation of BlackBerry smartphones will be equipped with a full touchscreen, HD resolution (720p or WXGA), dual-core Krait processor and 8MP / 1080p camera. It will not be similar to the previous Blackberry RIM smartphone.

RIM, if you want to successfully turn around a catchy product name is necessary. Insiders said that whether the rumors true or not, Z10 name is fairly easy to read, and RIM standing practice, based on figures named.

RIM will launch their BB 10 smartphones on January 30 next year. The launch of BlackBerry 10 operating system will takes place simultaneously in New York and Toronto, Canada.

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