Xiaomi Redmi 1S showing Loading launcher while pressing home screen

From last 3-4 days I am getting this while pressing home screen ( it happens only after using an app for long time ie like while playing a game for more than 15 -20 minutes or using uc mini for same time span.) Is there any problem ?? ( I am using v36)

Method 1 - In settings tick the option "keep launcher in memory". This will solve the issue. If you don't select this option, app you are running may need more RAM and OS will de-allocate from the launcher and allocate to the app. De-allocate means closing the launcher, just like closing apps. So once you press home button, launcher needs to start again. It takes time to load into RAM as there will be apps consuming RAM space. 

Method 2 - Update to v45. In v45, memory management issue has been resolved. Don't update to v50, as it has same problem. Several users who used v50 downgraded to v45 due to RAM issues. 

Method 3 - Install CM11 ROM. This ROM is widely accepted to be a stable ROM for Xiaomi Redmi 1S. It solves heating issue, RAM management and battery issues. But you need to do some advanced steps like rooting and flashing. It may lead to bricking your phone. If you are not confident to do, then don't do this.

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