Now 24GB RAM laptop are available for consumers

24GB RAM laptop - I usually visit shopping sites to check if there is any new and impressive products available. I am currently hunting for laptops as I will replace my old one anytime soon. After using high config desktop in my office (8GB RAM, Core i7) and love to have my next laptop with such configuration.

Why I need 24GB RAM? Isn't 2GB enough for home use?
This is a common question that arises when we are looking for a new laptop. I if remember correctly, 4 years back laptop with 1.5GB RAM were considered as high end. This is maximum Intel Pentium 4 supports. So if you are gamer then you need to add graphics card which makes your computer a monster machine. However in those periods, installation size of games will be maximum 6GB (GTA San Andreas) but now it is more than 10GB(Far Cry 4). The minimum requirements of GTA San Andreas was 256 MB RAM and 3.6 GB storage; for Far Cry 4 it was 4 GB RAM and 30 GB storage.
2GB LaptopsIt is limited to legacy games like GTA San Andreas.
Even if it supports new games you need to play in low settings
24GB LaptosYou can play any games that are available under the Sun.
Example:Far Cry 4

So do I need high end laptop only if I play games?
No, lets say you use laptop only for browsing. Its widely accepted Google Chrome is best browser in terms of speed and performance. My laptop with 2GB RAM, Core i3 was not able to handle Google Chrome opened with 10 tabs. On contrary, in my office I used to open two instance of Google Chrome with minimum 7 tabs on each, a IDE (for example: Eclipse), 5 excel sheets, 2 word document, Outlook, explorer (file manager) etc. You won't find little bit slowness even after launching all these software.

What 2GB laptop capable ofBest performance - Google Chrome with 10 tabs opened, Sticky notes
What 24GB Laptos capable ofBest performance - Two instance of Google Chrome with minimum 7 tabs on each, a IDE (for example: Eclipse), 5 excel sheets, 2 word document, Outlook, explorer (file manager)

Which laptop has 24GB RAM?
Asus came up with their new laptop series named as ROG and all those series has 24GB RAM. One of the laptop from that series is Asus T7066P ROG. The specs of Asus T7066P ROG are:

  • Core i7 (4th Gen)
  • 17.3 inch display
  • 1 TB HDD
  • 24 GB DDR3
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX860M graphics
I read review for this laptop from several websites and it looks like it performing very well. Users reported that this laptop is capable to play any games with highest available settings. Usually a game provides us to adjust three level of graphics details - low, mid and high. In low level there won't be any graphics details like shadows and clarity. In high level all the options like shadows were enabled which gives you better gaming experience. 

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