iPhone getting blue line while I get a call. How to solve?

I am continuously getting this blue line while I get a call. And even when I try to unlock the phone. Why is it happening and What is the solution for this?

It can be solved by Switch off the switch control. Follow below steps to do it.

Settings >generals > Accessibility > Switch Control > Turn off auto scanning

Is my phone faulty?
No. This is options available for physically disabled people. You can use this feature by adaptive accessories. The accessories may be a button or switch type. When iPhone highlights with this blue scanner bar, user can press the button or switch in the accessory to select the option.

You no need to worry about this blue lines. You can sit back and relax as it is a part of iOS software. The blue line disappeared for me once I turned off the Switch Control.

Turned off Switch Control, Still Blue Line appears:
Some users reported that they are getting blue lines even after turning off the auto scanning. It looks like the auto scanning feature turning on by itself.

I need to mention that by triple clicking your phone's home button this auto scanning feature will be turned on. Triple clicking home button acts like switch for turning on/off the Auto Scanning feature. User may not be aware of this functionality. Turns out again it is not the bug. Apple should have made the shortucut harder to turn on.

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