Can't able to close Story Maker app in BlackBerry Z3

Not able to minimize/close BlackBerry Z3:
Story Maker app is default app that comes with BlackBerry Z3. To minimize any apps we swipe from bottom of BlackBerry logo and up towards the display. This works great for any app that is in vertical orientation. Story Maker app that is present pre-installed, opens in horizontal orientation. There is no vertical orientation mode for this app. I usually feel difficulty minimizing any apps that open with horizontal orientation. I won't get minimized in single attempt. Lately I figured out a easy method to minimize this app.

Solution for minimize Story Maker app in Z3:
The solution pretty simple. By default the mute button is assigned for voice control. Any time you press mute button it will launch the voice control screen. If you don't know mute button, it is nothing but the button in middle of volume rockers. Still not able to spot then see the below image.

Small BlackButton between volume key is Mute Button
Long press mute button to launch voice control.

Pressing mute button not launching Voice Control:
There are chances you might have reassigned the function of mute button. You can however change it any time to trigger voice control whenever mute button is pressed. In Settings -> Voice Control ->Open with the Mute key. Turn on the Open with the Mute key feature.


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