Microsoft introduced a new portable folding keyboard, also waterproof

Foldable keyboard
Tablet and smart TV users prefer wireless Bluetooth keyboard to accelerate typing speed. However the small size of keyboard is not so comfortable. To overcome this, Microsoft designed as fold-able. The length of the folded state is only 147.6mm and thickness less than 11.5mm.

Compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and SmartTV
This new keyboard called the Universal Foldable Keyboard, is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS devices. There is a key to swap between devices. For example, if you are connected to your tablet, you can press the swap key to connect to smartTV or any device that supports Bluetooth keyboard.

The size of this keyboard is 295.1x125.3mm. The size gets reduced when folded. The keyboard is also water resistance.

Long lasting battery life
To use this keyboard, charging is required and can be done using USB port. Microsoft claims, a single charge can give battery life for three months.

Price and release date 
It is reported that Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard will be available from July 2015. The price of the keyboard is expected as $ 99.95

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