Fitbit Alta HR review after 90 days

I bought Fitbit Alta HR from Flipkart 3 months back. It costed me 17500 rupees at that time and now it cost 15000 rupees. I can see your listing with 17000 rupees in Flipkart. Currently there are few offers in for the same band and it cost about 12500 rupees. The word HR means heart rate so it has heart rate sensor.

What I noticed first in Fitbit Alta HR?
First thing I saw in this band is it has a traditional railroad style strap. It is a attractive device and people will mistake it for bracelet.

It is a basic fitness tracker watch which will count the number of steps taken and the distance travelled and the calories burnt. After using for 2 days you will notice that it also tracks your sleep.

The touchscreen doesn't work like traditional way, you just need to tap on the device to see various options. Typing is the only way you will be interacting with the device.

Fitbit app
The device itself gives very less information. To get more detail we have to install a app in your Android or iOS phone. The app shows you how many hours you have slept for each day and it also gives the different stages of sleep. It automatically create chart comparing weekly sleep pattern with weekend sleep pattern. I am not sure how accurate the metrics are but it is good feature.

It measures the distant you run using accelerometer instead of GPS. So we can't be sure whether the distance covered is so accurate.

Should you buy?
I won't say this is a innovative product. This is a basic health tracking device with stylish design. The main feature in this product is the heart rate tracking which many wrist band lacks. Another feature it has is it automatically detects the activity like jogging. In wristband like Xiaomi MI band 2 it measures the heart rate only when we request them, it doesn't monitor continuously. This is one of the reason where you see high cost in Fitbit wristbands.

If you have already used wristband without heart rate and you feel heart rate can be much better then go for this. If you are first time user I recommend to buy Xiaomi MI band 2 and if you really feel you need the heart rate sensor to be little more accurate then go for this Fitbit band wristbands. Xiaomi MI band 2 has all the features that Fitbit has for 1799 rupees.

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