Why I sold my iPhone X?

I have been using iPhone X for almost 4 months. I switched to iOS from stock Android variants like Nexus which I used as my daily driver. I watched too many reviews about iOS before buying this phone. One thing which I noticed is that it has very good app optimization, apps won't hang these are the few reasons which made me to switch to iOS. One video which compared iPhone X with Pixel 2 to see how long the phone takes to open the app. At every test iPhone X won easily against all Android phone. I got convinced and I bought this for almost 90000 rupees.

Why I decided to sell this phone?

First thing is notch. In the reviews people said that we will be used to the notch. However in my case I watched lot of movies and TV series in phone and you can never miss the black patch that is left for notch. Because of this notch I feel the user experience is not so great. I felt I could have gone for MI Mix 2 which has edge to edge display.

The next thing which I hate in iPhone X is face lock. I have never faced issue with face lock but the user experience is not good. Once the phone gets unlocked we have to swipe again to get into home screen. This was not the case when iPhone 5 which came with touch id. You may think it is a simple task but think again it 1 lakh rupee phone. Also Oneplus 5t has came up with face unlock feature and it directly takes you to home screen.

I used to like old iPhones for their simplicity. The design was clever, the quick access control can be launched from the bottom swipe. Moreover the home button was very handy. In iPhone X we neither have home button and the quick access control launch method is changed.

Next problem is iPhone never comes with dual sim support. All the flagship phone from manufacturer like MI, Oneplus, Oppo and Vivo have dual sim. You may feel that dual SIM is useless but recently Jio has came with very good offers in that case I could have gone with Jio if I had a secondary sim support. I feel it is more practical to have dual sim or even triple Sim.

Apart from that I have very good experience with the iPhone X. It has wireless charging, good speaker, advanced camera and very good build quality. I was very happy with battery backup too.

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