Android P features

Google have released the developer preview for Android P on March 8 2018. Google haven't revealed what the letter P stands for. There are a lot of new features in this version but Google haven't shown of. This post contains some latest features from Android P. The features I am going to present in this post are from early developer preview.

Phones that support Android P:
At present developer preview is available only for Pixel phones. I have manually flashed in my Google pixel.

Features in Android P
First main feature that you will notice in Android P is the support for notch like you see in iPhone X. It has native support for notch, so we can expect many new phones with notches this year. There is option to change the notch size as well. The width of the notch can be changed to accommodate iPhone X or you can reduce the notch size to fit essential phone. Basically you have different option to tweak the notch size.

Changes to messaging app
The recent messages are available in the notification area so that you can directly reply from there. Another new feature in messaging app is smart replies. If you have used Gmail or Allo you might be familiar with smart replies. Smart reply provides a couple of options to reply based on the message you received. You can do smart reply directly from the Notification Shade. Smart reply is presented as couple of pop-ups. Now we have option to send stickers and images directly from the notification. I think this feature maybe extended to other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc.

Changes to the design
They have moved the time to left side of the screen in Android P. The app drawer design is changed to rounded icons with blue and white shades. In older Android phones we used to see all the notification icon at the top of the screen but in Android P it is limited to 5 notification if it exceeds 5 you will get the dot symbol. There is no changes to the home drawer. Duo and Allo app comes pre installed with this version. They have added a settings to change the icon shape to square, rounded square, squircle and teardrop.

Auto rotate option
In old Android versions we have a Universal auto rotate option. With Google Android P you get auto rotate icon near the navigation icon once you rotate your phone to portrait to landscape or landscape to portrait.

Screenshot option
Now the screenshot feature is added to the power button. Once you press power button you get option to power off, restart and screenshot. This option comes by default in other Android versions like MI UI, Sony etc but not in stock Android. Now we also have option to edit the screenshot.

Volume bar
You get a volume bar once you press the volume keys. Also it provides a button to change the notification style to vibrate on silent. This is easier for one hand control.

Changes to battery settings
Now you have options like reduced power mode and you can directly add battery percentage from the settings. It gives some statistics like last full charge, screen usage since full charge. There is another option to extend the battery life bye clicking turn on low battery mode.

What Android P stand for?
Few speculations are
Android potato edition
Android pancake
Android Pokemon
Android peanut butter
Android Pee
Android pineapple pizza
Android peppermint

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