How to upgrade iWork Office in Mac for free

iWork - In just the last new conference, in addition to the launch of iPad Air and many new hardware products, Apple unveiled some software too. The software includes OS X 10.9 Mavericks upgrades with free iLife and iWork suite. This announcement was made in normal conference, Apple gives users the biggest surprise.

Although Apple said that only after October 1st purchase of iOS devices and Mac users can enjoy the free download iLife and iWork privileges, but recently it was found that due to App Store does not recognize Mac users are using the trial version or the official version of the iWork suite, therefore unable to free download iWork suite. However users can install the trial version of iWork suite, and then a free upgrade to the latest version. I also upgraded in accordance with the method proved temporarily effective, specific upgrade procedure will now share with you:

1. Free download iWork 09 trial version and install it.
2. After installation is complete open the "System Preferences" in the "language and region," and then preferred language into English (the English can be dragged to the first one).
3. Restart the computer, open the App Store, and then check for updates iWork suite can see the upgrade prompt, then after the upgrade preferred language into English restart the computer.

But need to remind everyone that the above steps must be carried out in OS X 10.9 Mavericks, although the upgrade package has 5.29GB, but considering Apple is likely to soon fix this Bug, it is recommended to upgrade older Mac users grasp. Prior to Apple's official photo editing software Aperture also through this method to upgrade, but Apple has now closed the trial version of Aperture's download link. In addition, when the upgrade with the new version of iWork iWork trial version exist independently, after the upgrade is complete the user will be able to uninstall the trial version of iWork.

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