Smart diaper for babies prompts diapers need to be replaced

Diaper - With the advancement of technology, smart devices has not only limited to computers, mobile phones and other types of products. Smart watches, smart glasses, smart light bulbs etc., has slowly into our line of sight. Japan launched an intelligent diaper which prompts when it need to be replaced.

This smart diaper is developed in University of Tokyo, Japan. They showcased the formally developed flexible sensor. This sensor is capable to feel the comfort, change in temperature and pressure. The output will be displayed in specially developed reciever. The University is working to get the output in smartphone.

In addition, it supports wireless charging and data transfer. It can also be used for adult diapers. It is worth mentioning that the sensor is an integrated circuit using an organic material done using inkjet printing on a plastic film. Above all the production cost is of only a few yen.

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