I want to disable WordPress plugin using phpMyAdmin, How to do that?

It is good to disable WordPress plugin. After updating the plugins it may cause issues. Many users will have more plugin and your task become tedious. I have given tips in this article that will save your time.

First login in phpMyAdmin. Open your hosting account and run the software.

Choose Database in the left menu and select table as shown in below image.

You need to select wp_options. The word wp_ may change because it depends on the lodging table prefix. After selecting wp_options click on 'View' at top of the window. There you can find as active_plugins. If you are not able to find refer the below image.
On the same line you will find 'Edit' button. Click on the edit button to view the contents. It will display the contents of the cell. These contents are nothing but the active plugins of your WordPress blog. Now copy all the contents in a text file and store in your computer. Then select all the text and press delete. After you delete the contents press 'Execute' button in the left-bottom. Now all your active plugins get deactivated.

To re-activate follow the same procedure and copy the contents of text file to the active_plugins cell. Then press run to which will activate the plugin again.

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