BlackBerry Passport strengths lies in its screen

The Canadian firm BlackBerry, this year, came up with two new smartphones. Among them one is the Passport.

Screen of the BB Passport is perfect 

Recently, BlackBerry has surprised us with its new smartphone Passport.  This phone will carry a perfectly square screen, in 1: 1. And guess what? It is a strength, not a weakness.

Most mobile devices on the market support up to forty characters in a line.  It is convenient for a human to read upto 99 characters in a line. The new BlackBerry Passport can hold up to 66 characters in a line.  It is particularly suitable for reading text, digital books and all kinds of documents.

Voice assistant

We know the BlackBerry was among the best known and most powerful firms. To compete with established mobile OS like Android, iOS and Windows they are compelled to develop their own voice assistant. The voice assistant is known as BlackBerry wizard which will come along with Passport.

Other configuration

 It has a strong configuration which includes 3GB supported by quad-core processor, 3450 mAh battery.

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