This is how Windows Phone looks with Android theme

I found a customization tool for Windows Phone 'Cool Tiles' and is really cool. With this app you can customize in many different ways. Here are some of the screenshots of my phone.

The above images are screenshot of my phone, done using 'Cool Tile' apps. It took me few hours to figure out how this app work. But after learning about this app I found it very cool. This is a free app and below is the link to download.

Cool Tile XAP file 

I found it more fun using this app. Few people in WP store commented as frustrating because you need to be patient to make your home screen look cool. If you have good imagination you can make it more cool.

App compatiblity

OS - Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1
Price - Free
Publisher name -Studio 8
RAM needed - 512 MB 
Storage needed - File size is 6 MB and occupies 30 MB after installaing

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