Launchers for Android Wear watch

The below launchers will be compatible with LG G watch, Moto 360 and Samsung Gear Live. However I tested in my LG G watch.


It is launcher for Android wear developed by  Sweet Pixel Studios. The new Swipify application offers four new features: App Drawer, App Switcher(multi-tasking), RAM meter and application launcher. It is still in the beta stage and it may look incomplete. It will take some time to evolve as a fully functional app.

WML (Wear My Launcher)

It is another excellent launcher an alternative to Wear Mini Launcher. This launcher is developed by ProCo Apps. The developer is fond of Android Wear which made them to develop and launch WML launcher on Google Play store. The UI of this app feels more likely as Google Now. With this launcher user can adjust the brightness of the watch. There is special lock which can be  unlockable only through a special action. Using this feature you can avoid children accidentally using the watch.

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