Xiaomi Mi 3 SMS problem solution (Malaysia)

Xiaomi Mi 3 SMS problem

Issue: SMS problem, where the recipient number incomplete such as 19XXXXXXXX or maybe 6019XXXXX(without + in front). 

Solution: Here's the temporary solution that I found yesterday. 

You can log in to MiCloud as usual, you can sync everything to MiCloud but you NEED to turn off the CLOUD MESSAGING! After that you have to reboot the phone and the problem solved.
This is temporary solution only as our developers right now are working to solve this issue. Any updates, I will inform later.

Existing SMS

For existing SMS that existed on the phone, the number displayed will never change to the normal. Delete that SMS and the new SMS received after that will be shown correctly. 

For existing sms that exist on the phone, it will never change to the normal. Delete that sms and the new sms received after that will be shown correctly

Note: Only clear cache if all the step above done but still not success. Try first turn off Cloud Messaging, reboot the phone and try to send sms from other phone to your MiPhone and see if this step works.

Emergency case

If emergency and you are unable to send Sms even after you disable cloud messaging etc, turn off the wireless and data and try send SMS again. What I faced just now, even i typed +60123456789, when i press send,, the number automatically changed to 123456789. I turned off WIFI and data and send again the SMS, luckily I successfully sent the SMS to +60123456789

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