My Nokia Lumia 720 screen got damaged, what will be the cost to replace?

My Nokia Lumia 720 screen is damaged. I went to Nokia care to change my screen. I asked about the price. The cost he told is Rs.7100. I told him my touch is working fine and I need only the screen. But he told the whole thing come as a set and it will cost Rs.7100. I was suspicious about the price first and to confirm it I approached online forums. One guy replied that he changed it for Rs.7500.

Then I approached to local shops. They quoted Rs.1500 to Rs.2500. It seems relatively cheap from the original. I heard that the duplicate touch is not as good as original. I already have experience with duplicate touch screen which I friend replaced in Lumia 520. The touch was not very responsive like the original. However you can manage using it.

I was now using my Android phone. I was not ready to pay either RS.7500 or RS.2500 just for screen. I think instead I can buy new phone and going to use Lumia 720 as a external drive.

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