Error Code: 80070003 Windows Phone fix without formatting memory card

In Windows Phone, I used to get this below error.

Sorry, we can’t play this file on your phone.
Error Code: 80070003

This error throws only for the songs in memory card.


Convert your files to AAC format. You can use foobar2000 tool to convert the music. This tool is for windows PC. You can also use Windows Phone app to convert to AAC format, however I didn’t find any app that do this task. If you find any app that can convert to AAC format please do post in comment.

Many users reported that this error occurred when they mount SD card size more than 16GB. I was using 64GB memory card and I swapped with my old 16GB memory card, even then error 80070003 pop up.

I tried to first convert all my music files to wma file. As wma is the native music format for Windows. Again the error occurred. As Windows Phone has voice recorder, I figured out it supports AAC format. Then I converted all music to AAC, so far no problem
Only issue is I need to convert to AAC format every time I download a new music file. I think Microsoft support for mp3 and wma is implemented poorly.

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