3 easy ways to transfer contacts between BlackBerry and iPhone

Here you can find easy steps to transfer file from Blackberry to iPhone. I have give many possible methods to transfer contacts between BB and iPhone. Choose the method whichever is easy to you.

Using Blackberry Desktop Manager:

Method 1:

Install BlackBerry desktop manager in your PC. Connect your BlackBerry to PC. In BB desktop manager export all your contacts to vcf format. Save the file somewhere accessible. THen import the vcf file either using iTools or iFunbox.

Method 2:

Install bb desktop software.
Goto organize sync your contacts to windows contacts.
Open itunes goto info and sync with windows contacts.

Method 3:

Connect your Blackberry to PC and open Blackberry Desktop Manager.
In that Click Contacts and Export it to PC.
It will save in VCF format.

Open Gmail.
Click on Gmail on the left and select Contacts.
Now Make a New Group ( Contacts something )
Click Import and select the Contacts you imported from Blackberry.

On your iPhone
got to Settings-Mails Contacts and Calender
click Add Account and Add your Gmail id and password..

Wait till it syncs

Using SIM card:

Use a sim card to import and export.

Using App:

You can download PhoneCopy app in your both phone. Using this app you can directly transfer contacts. It uses wireless connectivity like bluetooth or wi-fi direct to transfer contacts.

You can also use shareit app to do this task.

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