Windows Phone update error 80072f8f - Solved

Windows Phone update error 80072f8f occurs due to a mismatch in date and time. If the date and time of your residence does not match with the date and time of the region from where you have purchased your Windows device, then Windows Phone Error 80072f8f is going to occur.

Other Reasons for 80072f8f error

Windows Phone updates should be done only through Wi-Fi or Mobile Hotspot. Whichever the internet source may, you should use wi-fi in your phone to update Windows Phone. 

If the above solution doesn't help then do the following 

1- Make backup your deta. 
2- Reset your phone 
3 - Update

You may think that Windows Phone doesn't allow you to update via mobile network because of speed but it is not the case. It requries you to use wi-fi as it consumes only less battery power than mobile network. So this proves even you can't update using 3G connection. 

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