New icon for MUSIC preview app in Windows 10

How many of you observed the new icon for MUSIC and VIDEO preview app in Windows 10? Below is the screenshot of new Windows 10 MUSIC and VIDEO app.

What is new in Music App?

With the new Music app you can play music files in any Microsoft service like OneNote, Windows Phone and One Drive. New algorithms for shuffling, sorting and filtering were introduced in this new Music App for Windows 10. 

Music app allows you add songs from OneDrive to the playlist. You can access this playlist from any of Microsoft Devices like Xbox, Windows 10 PC, Windows 10 Phone, and Windows 10 Surface Tablet.

What is new in Video App?

The new video app allows you to play files with MKV extension. The MKV extension were not compatible with Windows Media Player. I hope this feature will be added to Windows 10 for Phone. 

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