Moto E Screen Broken! What Is The Cost? Can I Replace Glass Alone?

My Moto E screen got broken and here is the picture of the phone.

Is it possible to change broken glass alone?

Even I after my display got broken my touch is working fine. So I wondered is it enough to change glass or I should change both glass and display. I consulted nearest mobile service shop and it turns out the touch is fused with glass and you need to buy the both.

What is the cost of Mote E display

I visited service center to get more insight about my screen. Here is what the service guy told, "Moto E will come with glass touch panel & display and it cost Rs.3000".

I also enquired outside shops and the price there ranges from Rs.1600 to Rs.2300.

Ebay has damn cheap priced display

There are several sellers in eBay who sell this display for Rs.650. You can visit mobile service center to replace and it charges Rs. 50 - 200 depending on the shop. In eBay search for 'Moto E digitizer' which is what seller named the display of Moto E.

If you are good with tweaking electronics stuff then you can do it yourself.

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