Why online shopping sites are obsessed to install their apps?

Whenever I open websites like Flipkart, SnapDeal, Aamzon annoyingly shows their ad to download mobile app. This ad consumes almost 25% of my screen which made me to switch to 5-inch phone. Even it makes me to feel annoyed .

All of the sudden they are providing attractive offers. It created me suspicious about the apps. Why they need to provide offers only for mobile apps? why they keep on advertise to install the apps?

Here are few guesses:

  1. Apps are easiest way to advertise. The hit rate is more than any form advertisement like TV, website or FM.
  2. Apps can generate notification and it is not under your control. When I bought Xiaomi Redmi 1S it came pre-installed Flipkart app and once I received notification which says 20% offer in mobile phones. Technically they call it as push notification. 
  3. Is it only about advertisement? I have another guess. Maybe they reduce the web load using the app. App use your phone's resource (RAM, CPU) and this will reduce their web load. You know enterprise grade hardware cost a lot. They can reduce a bit by using users resource. Whenever you connect to internet your app may use data in background and download the website contents in your phone. So the app launch time may be slow because it depends on the hardware used in phone but you can browse/shop flawlessly. 

Share your guesses.

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