Buy Mi Piston for cheaper price in India from China website

Good news for all MI piston lovers. I recently ordered a MI piston from China.... I got it for just 5$=300 rs.. Including shipping.. And it is original.. And some how I feel that it's quality is far better than the Indian ones.. And it's 100% original.. Order yourself one... And lemme know how it went..

Common FAQS:

How much days for shipment?
I got it after 21 days.

Is there any extra charge for customs?
No. This product didn't catch up in customs.. Cause it was priced less.

Can I trust this website?
Totally... You can trust.. If they fail to deliver within that time.. You get the full money..

Why this headset is too cheap?
In China 5$ is the price of piston... But in India flipkart is making profit of it, By selling at higher price

What color do we get?
I ordered already... And I have it...It is the gold... Yea it is the same original one, like the ones sold in India...

Will they accept all cards?
Well I used a card from bank of America.. Heard the icici debit card works as well

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