Keypad phones are attracted more than touchscreen

No matter how good the touch is, I still miss the keypad phone. I convinced myself that with keypad mobile I can type way faster than touch. However my mind got practiced to thumb typing and I can type faster than I do in physical keyboard. With word suggestions, predictions and auto corrections I should admit that I am more productive in touch phones.

When BlackBerry launched its new square phone - The Passport, I got much attracted to it. It got good feedback even though it is hard to hold and type in single hand.

Who doesn't get attracted to phone of this type?

After the success of Passport, BlackBerry launched its new phone Classic which looks same as its old models. There are lot of buzz about the phone and it got easily attracted to BB fans as well as tech freaks.

More viewers for Keypad related articles

I did an article about top 3 keypad phone, people are more interested in this article than the article about touchscreen phone. Maybe touch phones are easy but keypad feels good to use. 

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